Our Spa Experience


Healing & Relaxing

for mind and body, one and all

Our foot spa offers a rare and unique spa experience. We focus on both the massage therapy and its many benefits to your mind and body; as well as the effect of a community based healing and relaxing environment.

Please feel free to come alone and get away from the distractions and stresses of your everyday life, or bring a group and enjoy the same effects in a welcoming group setting.

In honoring everyone’s experience here at The Barefoot Sage, we ask that cell phones and other electronic devices be silenced and that talking be kept at a low level.

We always want to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us so please feel free to call us anytime with questions you may have. If we do not answer please do leave us a message – we will always call you back.

Check in

Please plan on arriving approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This allows us to go over a brief orientation with our guests. It will also help ensure that you receive every minute of your treatment with us! While we always do our very best to accommodate late arrivals, we may have to shorten treatment times if needed.

Important Health Notice

Any persons with diabetes, nervous system, cardiovascular disorders, skin conditions, or cancer that may affect the sensation, circulation, or health in the feet may need a physician’s release before some therapies can be provided. The Barefoot Sage uses massage and essential oils for all of our treatments –  please let us know if you have an allergy to any oils. If you neglect to inform us of such conditions, you do so at your own risk.

Cancellation Policy

So that other guests may enjoy The Barefoot Sage, we ask that you give two days’ notice to cancel your appointment. A cancellation fee may apply.

Gratuity & Payment

Gratuity is not included in the price of the treatments. We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. All Sales are final – no exchanges or refunds are allowed. Gift certificates are nonrefundable for cash, though they can be applied towards any of our retail products.

Tea, Treats & Products

The Barefoot Sage offers a wonderful menu of local aromatic and delicious teas and treats available for purchase along with all of our amazing treatments! However if you would like to bring treats in you are welcome to do so. We ask that you bring in finger foods that can be enjoyed while receiving a treatment.

Individual lunch baskets or boxes work quite well. Due to space layout and time limitations, it is not currently feasible to set up tables or serve food during treatment time.

We also offer various local products in our retail line for you to enjoy.


The Barefoot Sage provides holistic spa treatments and strives to relax the body and mind as well as promote wellness with therapeutic foot massage. We feel alcohol diminishes these effects in the following ways:

  • Dehydrates the body
  • Dulls the senses, decreasing the ability to adequately feel heat and touch
  • Massage can increase the effects of alcohol in some people

It is for these health based reasons that we do not allow alcohol at The Barefoot Sage.