Earth balance stones

Earth Balance is the Best Grounding Treatment for Spring

February 5, 2018Treatments

The winter is finally passing and some of us are feeling the first tickles of spring. If you are a gardener, you know that now is the time to get outside and turn the soil, prepare for planting and start your seeds. With this in mind, we are introducing our Earth Balance treatment to help … Read More

Detox recipe

The Amazing Benefits of A Detox Through Your Feet

January 23, 2018Tips

January is a long month. It’s the middle of winter and we start anticipating a new year of changes and warmer days. If you are like us, you may be feeling the effects of the merry making recent holidays just wrought. Have all the sugar, cookies and late nights left you feeling sluggish, tired, and … Read More

incense burner and candle

Renew, Detox and Recover Treatment for Your Feet

January 11, 2018News, Treatments

Feet tell a story rich with the details of how we spend our time, what we do for a living and what hobbies we enjoy. The more time you spend on your feet, the more dramatic the story they tell. If you’re someone who asks a lot of your feet such as a teacher, server, nurse, bartender, or … Read More