Oregon is a precious emerald with its valleys, hills, and mountainsides blanketed in a thick carpet of lush green trees.  If you’ve ever wandered through one of her old growth forests after a gentle autumn rain you may remember how relaxed you felt in mind and body.  That’s because the act of simply being in a quiet forest, aptly named Forest Bathing, has been proven to melt away stress and soothe our anxious minds.  But finding time to retreat into the woods every time that familiar nervous tension creeps in may be a little impractical, which is why we invite you to experience the next best thing:

Our Forest Bathing treatment!

With the application of specially-chosen ingredients, this treatment is meant to simulate the relaxing and restorative benefits of reconnecting yourself with nature by spending time in a forest. 

Mud Masque

1.) It starts with mineral-rich mud that connects us to the earth.  Minerals are the building blocks of who we are and this mud contains the minerals we need to stay healthy.  .  Historians believe they learned from watching animals rolling and soaking in mud to clean their skin and soothe wounds and irritations. However they figured it out, it became the cure for what ails ya. Most importantly, it binds to toxins and help you detoxify through your skin.  When we rid ourselves of toxins we feel great, both physically and mentally.  Mud masques give back because it’s loaded with calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium.  This makes it an important addition to every wellness routine…and foot soak!

Warm Soak

2.) After the mud masque, you dip your feet into a foot bath filled with nutrient rich salts, antioxidant-rich green tea, and soothing, tension-fighting fir needle oil.  Close your eyes, inhale deeply and you’ll instantly be transported to your own little path meandering through a forest.  Perhaps you’re earthing, walking barefoot and absorbing earth’s energy that helps fight the free radicals hanging out in your body.  Even though your feet are soaking in warm water rather than treading on the ground, you’re still fighting free radicals, thanks to the addition of green tea.  The antioxidants in green tea bind to those free radicals which cause inflammation, fatigue, and increases stress and sends them packing!  Add to this the sweet scent of fir needle oil which encourages mental clarity and stress reduction and you’ll find renewed strength for facing your day. 

Healing Massage

3.) The final step is the most luxurious: A 45 minute warm oil foot and lower leg massage to work in all the healing power of the minerals, salts, and antioxidants and draw out whatever remains of your stress and tension.  Massage helps heal injuries while preventing new ones, alleviates aches and pains, and stimulates circulation among a list of other benefits. 

Stress happens more often than you can get to the forest, so enjoy the benefits of an afternoon spent meandering among the trees by treating your mind and feet to our Forest Bathing treatment!

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