The winter is finally passing and some of us are feeling the first tickles of spring. If you are a gardener, you know that now is the time to get outside and turn the soil, prepare for planting and start your seeds. With this in mind, we are introducing our Earth Balance treatment to help you connect to the bounty of nature. Reflecting on Chinese medicine, the human body is a mirror of the natural elements; water, air, fire and earth. In this tradition, the health of the body is intrinsic to the health of the planet. We invite you to come in and enjoy this harmonizing treatment with a loved one this Valentine’s Day. It makes a perfect urban retreat!

When you come in, you will be greeted by your massage therapist and invited to sit on a cozy purple couch. The lights are dim and music plays low in the background. A warmed neck wrap will be brought to you and a blanket is draped over the side for extra comfort. You are offered a of tea menu with chocolates or cookies for purchase. Your treatment starts with a warm mud masque. The mud is a smooth, mineral rich Dead Sea masque that coats your feet and nourishes your skin. Your feet are warmly wrapped for a few minutes while you sip your choice tea and nibble your chocolate. As the magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium are drawn into the pores in your feet, the mud works to help stimulate circulation and relieve common aches and pains.

Your therapist will then gently wipe away the excess mud and dip your toes into a salt water soak. The Dead Sea salt mixture is scented with our own Clarity essential oil blend of geranium, basil and rosemary. The blend is just enough fragrance to give your mental energy a boost, reduce stress and anxiety. These cleansing oils are also known to reduce inflammation and soothe achey feet. Breathing in the sweet scent of the oils, your tension will melt away as you swish your feet in the warm water. Your therapist will offer to add hot water to your soak before another boost of energy comes with a cold water splash on each foot. Returning them to the warm foot bath encourages circulation and keeps you present in this luxurious moment.   

The best part is next with a warm oil, 45 minute massage. Our trained massage therapists are skilled in helping you relax, ground and reset. Massage is known to heal injuries, prevent new ones, relieve pain, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you to slip into deep relaxation.  It takes your focus out of a worrisome mind and brings it back into your body, creating a grounding experience that’s good for you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What a beautiful way to enjoy time with someone special or just treat your very special self!

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