Daffodils, sunshine, cocktails on patios.  The season of rejuvenation is almost upon us. If you’re anything like us, your thoughts may be turning to health, wellness, and those aches and pains acquired during the most recent season of hibernation. Luckily, for some of the best mind and body healing, you don’t have to look any farther than your own two feet!

It’s called Earthing! It’s a great anti aging technique and it’s as simple as stepping outside. You can stimulate your body’s natural healing simply by kicking off your shoes and wiggling your toes in the grass. Work your hands through the earth in your freshly tilled garden or lounge in the sand on a sunny beach. If you can chill in nature, you can practice Earthing.

The Sole of Anti Aging

It all boils down to free radicals vs. antioxidants. We’re made up of mostly water and minerals so our bodies are great conductors of electricity. When our bare feet (hands, arms, or any bare skin) make contact with the ground for at least 30 minutes, we absorb the supply of free, helpful electrons that float along the earth’s surface. We need these electrons because they act as antioxidants and battle the unwanted free radicals that build up in our bodies over time due to things like bad diets and toxins, eventually causing illness and disease. Studies have shown Earthing helps with inflammation, fatigue, wound healing, chronic pain, sleep patterns, as well as reducing stress and raising energy levels. Not bad for an afternoon spent chillin’ in your backyard or at the beach.  (For those a little concerned about the creepy crawlies that may be lurking on the ground and don’t want to go barefoot, leather-soled shoes such as moccasins are a good alternative.)

Health : Nature Connection

Diverse cultures from across our planet have written about the restorative, grounding power of the earth for generations. This is no surprise considering they spent almost the entirety of their lives in contact with it. Our modern world is a different story. True, we’ve upgraded from difficult lives battling the natural elements to the comfort of living and playing indoors, but we’ve cut ourselves off from the restorative energy our bodies are biologically accustomed to and need. Instead, we’ve surrounded ourselves with helpful appliances and devices that create a sea of unhelpful, unhealthy electronic currents. Yep, you guessed it; they create free radicals, weaken or body’s defenses, and compound the problem. Yikes!

But don’t worry. Mother Nature’s got your back. Now that the buds are popping out on the trees and the days are getting warmer and longer it’s the perfect time to venture outside. Bring a book, a glass of wine, or a good friend and relax for half an hour while the earth replenishes what winter and a life indoors may have depleted. Get back to a more primal side of yourself by reintroducing your body to a restorative energy it once knew and relied upon for well-being. Stand up for your health by rooting your bare feet into the ground!

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