January is a long month. It’s the middle of winter and we start anticipating a new year of changes and warmer days. If you are like us, you may be feeling the effects of the merry making recent holidays just wrought. Have all the sugar, cookies and late nights left you feeling sluggish, tired, and maybe a little under the weather? Facing the remaining dark, cold days steal any motivation to get to the gym or onto that exercise bike. It is time for a detox!

If you want to renew your wellness routine in 2018, begin by detoxing through your feet! With small steps and attainable goals to get the most out of every day. Rather than try to jump from couch to cardio, kickstart with a simple cleanse; something people the world over have been utilizing for thousands of years.

It’s true, we live in a dirty world. Processed food, air pollutants and household chemicals accumulate in our body over time. The havoc toxins wreak on the immune system can lead to health issues like joint pain, breakouts, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and foggy headedness. 

Our body has a few systems in place to detoxify itself (the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system), but we can give it a little boost by eating more veggies, sweating and doing a detox.

While the many benefits of detoxing can vary, people generally find they have more energy, healthier skin and hair, a stronger immune system, and an improved sense of wellbeing, making them more resilient to stress. Whether used alone or in combination, massage, cupping, dry skin brushing, and juice cleansing are just a few of the great ways people experience detox benefits. What’s better? Detoxing can be done simply and safely through your feet. Talk about easy!

Foot massage chart
Photo: Stacy Simone via wiki commons

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a 5,000 year old practice, the foot is an intricate map of acupressure points that correspond to specific bodily organs. And it’s the feet where toxins settle, especially when a sedentary lifestyle renders our cleansing lymphatic system sluggish and slow. By gently massaging these acupressure points in the feet, specially trained massage therapists and reflexologists can open up the pathways to specific areas and organs in the body to help draw out toxins. Plus, it feels great and is the perfect way to relax.

Try this simple recipe at home after a long day:

1c Epsom Salt

1/2c Bentonite Clay

1tsp Dried Ginger

2-4 drops of Cinnamon

  • Clean your feet
  • Prepare water to your temperature preference (warmer is better)
  • Add ingredients
  • Wait (2-3min) until they are incorporated
  • Dip your toes for a good 20m soak!

During the winter months when we’re most inactive, your body can best use the extra detoxifying boost it needs. The goal is to stimulate your body’s circulation, allowing your organs to detoxify and your body to cleanse itself and the easiest way is to begin with the feet. By kickstarting your wellness routine with a simple foot detox, you’ll jump into the new year feeling refreshed and give the winter blues the boot.

Note:  As with any detox routine, remember to listen to your body.  As toxins are drawn out and start working their way through your body, you may experience a number of symptoms like minor fatigue or moodiness. These are normal and should pass. Assist your body’s process by drinking plenty of water, getting lots of rest, and consult your doctor if you have any health conditions that may be contraindicated with detoxing. And most importantly never deprive yourself of nutrition! Happy Cleansing!


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