Feet tell a story rich with the details of how we spend our time, what we do for a living and what hobbies we enjoy. The more time you spend on your feet, the more dramatic the story they tell. If you’re someone who asks a lot of your feet such as a teacher, server, nurse, bartender, or runner, come in for our Renew Speciality Foot Treatment. It is the perfect way to show them your gratitude! Indulge yourself in this 1hr 45 m foot pampering treatment. It will help maintain the health of your feet, initiate a gentle detox and promote recovery. The benefits of this can be felt throughout your entire body! 

The Renew Treatment is specifically designed to aid in the recovery of tired muscles while initiating the detox process. It has four signature steps that use a variety of healing herbs, essential oils and minerals to leave you and your feet feeling relaxed and strong.

When you arrive, your massage therapist will begin your Renew Treatment by asking a few questions to assess your needs and determine the problem areas. After your session you will be gifted with our Barefoot Sage Butter to use at home. It has all the best ingredients to keep your skin soft; shea and cocoa butters with essential oils of sage and cedarwood so healing can continue until your next visit!

Foot in nature
Photo: Monica Silva via unsplash

This treatment was created for you. We hope you will receive the most benefit and give yourself the wellness you deserve. Take a look at what our treatment has to offer:

Herbal Compress Flushes Toxins

Your massage therapist will wrap your feet in warm towels that have been soaked in a tea of steeped comfrey and cayenne. Cayenne is a warming herb which stimulates the cardiovascular system. Increased blood flow flushes the toxins from your blood and lymphatic fluid. If you have a recent injury, cold tea is used, with a warm towel placed on your neck to keep you comfortable.

Mud Masque Relieves Pain

Your therapist then covers and wraps your feet in mineral rich mud gathered from the Dead Sea and mixed with ashwagandha, an herbal muscle relaxant. Dead Sea mud is packed with magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium and is known for its pain relieving qualities. Its ability to detoxify through increased circulation makes it great for soothing sports injuries and relieving sore muscles.

Aromatherapy Salt Soak Soothes Muscles

Dead Sea salt is added to a foot bath of warm water, rose petals and our Renew essential oil mix featuring blue chamomile, lavender, frankincense, and rosemary. Dead Sea salt contains the same minerals as the mud and with prolonged use has been known to relieve pain, stiffness, and joint swelling. 

Massage Helps You Heal

Your trained therapist will massage your feet and legs for 45 luxurious minutes, focusing on your problem areas. Massage can help heal injuries, prevent new ones, and stimulate blood flow. Increased blood flow to the tissues help flush toxins from your body and soothe tension. 

Repay your overworked feet with this treatment! We guarantee the story they tell will be a positive one. You can also share the healing benefits with friends, family, coworkers and jogging partners! 

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  • Does the Renee treatment include all the above? How long is the special on for and what is the price? This sounds like something I would like to do with my husband.

    • Hi Debbie!
      Thank you so much for being our very first comment on our new blog, we are super excited! This particular treatment is a regular staple on our menu. But for the month of January we are using a yummy Shea Butter at the end and a gift for you to leave with! Please call us to schedule and we can answer any further questions you might have. Talk soon! Kat

    • Thank you Martha! We hope you get a chance to come in and try this treatment for yourself, it is a wonderful experience!

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