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Massage Packages

We believe in a holistic approach to therapeutic touch and well being focused on lower leg and foot massage. Our mission is to provide a social yet tranquil setting to achieve unrivaled customer service.

The Barefoot Sage Retreat

$135 | ~ 1¾ Hours
The Barefoot Sage Signature foot soak and sea salt scrub infused with our Barefoot Sage Aromatherapy blend, surrendering into a personalized 60 minute massage, with a deeply soothing and rejuvenating paraffin dip.

Motherhood Becoming

~ 1 ½ featuring 30 min. massage | $95
~ 1 ¾ featuring 45 min. massage | $115

Specially designed for the pregnant mama, this treatment provides a safe relaxing and therapeutic experience for any month of pregnancy.

Featuring our Barefoot Sage Signature foot soak with Motherhood Becoming aromatherapy blend formulated specifically for pregnancy, a customized, gentle exfoliating oatmeal scrub and an organic cooling gel treatment compliment your massage.

Includes a delicious herbal tea.


~1 ½ hrs | $100
A healthy immune system is key to staying well all year round. Revitalize uses the most effective techniques to support and strengthen the immune system: hot stones, dry brushing, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and a 45 minute massage. This therapeutic treatment will leave you feeling both relaxed and invigorated. The boost to your immune system will increase its efficiency in cleansing and restoring your body as well as fighting off potential threats.

The Barefoot Sage Signature Foot Soak

$25 (available Monday thru Friday only)
Relax into our cozy purple couch and gently soak your feet in our signature ceramic bowl, caressed by rose petals, river rocks and delicately infused Dead Sea salts and aromatherapy.

Add Paraffin Dip $18
Add Infused Dead Sea Salt Scrub $15
Add Warming Basalt Stones $10

Forest Bathing

~ 1 ¼ hrs featuring 45 min. massage | $95

Your journey through the forest begins with a bentonite clay & apple cider vinegar clay mask. Remember the old days of running barefoot through mud! Now envision wading through warm water infused with renewing salts, green tea, and the woody aroma of Fir Needle.

A warm neck wrap reminds you of the sun peeking through the trees. Allow yourself to sink deeply into a 45-minute massage releasing tension and reviving those sore and achey muscles.

We will donate a tree to Friends of Trees for every booking!

Royal Feet

~ 1 ¼ hrs featuring 45 min. massage | $85
~ 1 ½ hrs. featuring 60 min. massage | $105

Barefoot Sage Signature soak with our Breathe aromatherapy blend. Escape the ordinary with a tension releasing massage.

Sweet Feet

~ 1 ½ hrs – 1 Guest
~ 1 ¾ hrs – 2 Guests
Barefoot Sage Signature Foot Soak steeped with the cleansing benefits of black tea, a sage infused Dead Sea salt scrub, and 30 minute massage followed by a bed of warming Basalt stones completes this grounding experience.

Substitute paraffin | $8

Happy Feet

~ 1 ½ hrs – 1 Guest
~ 1 ¾ hrs – 2 Guests
Barefoot Sage Signature Foot Soak  with our Happiness aromatherapy blend , enhanced with our Dead Sea salt blend and a 30 minute relaxing massage. Completing this package is a deeply soothing and rejuvenating paraffin dip.

Peaceful Feet

~ 1 ¼ hrs – 1 Guest
~ 1 ½ hrs – 2 Guests
Barefoot Sage Signature soak with our Peace aromatherapy blend, 30 minute relaxing massage

Foot Zen

~ 1 hour – 1-2 Guests | $45
Signature foot soak with a 20 minute relaxing massage for feet on the go.

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Enjoy our local and handcrafted teas, sodas, chocolate truffles and cookies for an additional cost.

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